A Statement of Purpose (SOP) in an important ingredient of either a College/University application OR a Visa Application. Typically applications to any Australian or British University would require a Statement of Purpose (SOP) to accompany the application. In the case of a working professional, additionally a Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume will also be required. Keeping this in mind our counsellors are extra careful with the SOPs & CVs submitted, as these documents initiate the students’ introduction with the Universities/Colleges abroad. Students therefore are never asked by our counselors to submit hard-copies of these documents but are asked to prepare their own SOPs and email the softcopies to us. Thereafter our professionals go through and edit the same as required and applicable; we ask the student to sign the same and are finally submitted to the College/University abroad OR Embassy/High Commission.

We offer the following guidelines to our students which they are to keep in mind while writing an SOP:

  • Brief introduction of personal circumstances in India, family members, family background and occupation of parents (if living at home) or spouse (if married) and indication of how the studies abroad will be financed.
  • Previous visa history (if any) including visa cancellations or refusals. Any travel or study in another country should also be mentioned. If the student has a positive immigration history in another country, this adds weight to their application.
  • Why the student wants to study the proposed program at the particular College/University and how it is relevant to their future career goals and why it is beneficial for them to study this program in that particular country if the same program is offered in India. Clear indication that the student has a good knowledge of both the College/University and the respective Country. (Simply saying that a particular College/University is one of the best in that particular country is not sufficient – they need to show that they have researched the program).

What Our Students Say

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