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Canada is the world’s second-largest country by total area. Canada is sparsely populated, the majority of its land territory being dominated by forest and tundra and the Rocky Mountains. Its capital is Ottawa, and its three largest metropolitan areas are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Canada is a developed country and has the fifteenth-highest nominal per capita income globally. Canada’s climate varies widely across its vast area, ranging from arctic weather in the north, to hot summers in the southern regions, with four distinct seasons.


  • Canadian Qualifications are valued around the world and is one of the best countries to study and get an overseas education. Canada’s high academic standards and rigorous quality control means that you’ll be earning a high-quality education that will open doors for your future and benefit your career in the long term. Canadian Universities and Colleges have some of the best undergraduate and postgraduate programs available to meet students’ needs. A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognised as being equivalent to those obtained from the United States or Commonwealth countries.


  • Canada is known globally for its Affordable education. The quality of education and living standards in Canada are amongst the highest in the world, but the cost of living and tuition fees for international students are generally lower than in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. As such, Canada is often the preferred choice for students attending college or university.


  • With almost all of the world’s ethnic groups represented in Canada, it’s hard not to find ethnic food and recreation activities associated with specific cultures. Canadian society is a truly Multicultural society.


  • Canadians are known for their friendly personalities and safe communities. The United Nations consistently ranks Canada as one of the best places in the world to live. As an international student in Canada, you’ll enjoy all of the same freedoms which protect Canadians – respect for human rights, equality, and a stable and peaceful society.


  • Canadian Colleges/Universities are also known for their Exciting campus lifestyle. Canada’s post-secondary campuses aren’t only wired with the latest in sophisticated technology, but countless other modern amenities as well. From Olympic-quality sports facilities to public concert halls and art galleries, Canada’s post-secondary campuses offer you enormous possibilities for learning and leisure.


  • Canada offers you an Innovative and abundant research opportunities. Since research is one of the key components of a Canadian post-secondary education, you’ll have ample opportunity to become a part of this vibrant aspect of education. In Canada, government and industry together support research in: telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, computer technology, and environmental science.


  • Canada is internationally acclaimed for being an Immigration friendly nation. International students with Canadian credentials and Canadian work experience may apply for permanent residency without having to leave Canada.