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Top 10 Cities for Students in Canada

Canada is a popular destination for higher education due to the quality of its universities and the welcoming nature of its communities. Many international students choose to study in Canada because of its affordable tuition fees and cost of living compared to other countries, such as the United States. Canada is also known for its… Continue reading Top 10 Cities for Students in Canada

Why Students Are Choosing to Study Abroad in Australia

Study Abroad in Australia is one of the most sought-after locations for Indian students right now. The nation is renowned for its first-rate infrastructure, superior medical and healthcare facilities, high standards in education, cutting-edge transportation, and moderately priced housing. It is a nation with a robust, globally competitive economy that is technologically advanced. Australia’s cities… Continue reading Why Students Are Choosing to Study Abroad in Australia

What is it like to Study Abroad in South Korea?

When most people think of South Korea, they think of K-Pop, kimchi, and Samsung. But, there’s even more to it. Have you ever considered studying abroad in South Korea? If you’re looking for an opportunity to experience a new culture and learn a new language, then study abroad in South Korea is a great option!… Continue reading What is it like to Study Abroad in South Korea?

Christmas Special: Christmas celebrated around the globe

Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ during Christmas around the globe. Nowadays, the festivals are not just confined to the people of the religion, it’s for everyone. And, Christmas, is no different. People from all communities flock together to celebrate the lighting and especially the yummy, tasty foods. In our today’s Christmas Special blog,… Continue reading Christmas Special: Christmas celebrated around the globe

Top 8 Myths of Studying Abroad

When it comes to study abroad, you are likely to receive inaccurate information from those around you. The misinformation students receive makes it difficult for them to make informed decisions that have a lasting impact on their lives. So, it is always advised to procure information only from an official or authentic source. In this… Continue reading Top 8 Myths of Studying Abroad

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Top Reasons Why Should You Study in the UK

Education is one of life’s most significant investments. Students often choose to study in the UK; thus, with a UK degree, students will secure a rewarding, confident, and exciting future. The UK is one of the world’s leading destinations for international students followed by the USA. The UK education system is shorter and more intense… Continue reading Top Reasons Why Should You Study in the UK

Reasons Why International Students Choose Switzerland

Switzerland has seen immense growth and development, both economically and socially, over the years. The country has a reputation for housing universities and research centres with an excellent track record. The comely nature with numerous lakes and villages, the high peaks of the Alps and the evergreen vegetation, makes Switzerland a more likeable destination for… Continue reading Reasons Why International Students Choose Switzerland

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A: It includes services like course selection, college/university selection, application, visa application, bank loans, SOP editing and accommodation.

A: With a whopping 4.9/5 rating in Google and 300+ university tie ups along with an array of services including IELTS/SAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL coaching by experienced professionals, it is indeed one of the best study abroad consultants in Kolkata.

A: Yes, they help you to take the first steps and provide informed guidance about abroad education.

A: Some questions to ask an overseas education consultant near me are:

  • What countries are best for foreign students?
  • What are the best courses according to my academic profile?
  • How can I apply to a certain college?
  • What are the costs of abroad education to a specific country?
  • How can I get a student visa?
  • How to choose a country according to my interests?

A: The consultation process is free in Bluesky Education (Charges applicable only for premium colleges like the Russell Group Colleges or Ivy League Colleges). You can book a free counselling session with our expert counsellors. Call on +91 3335445028 / +91 18008910993 or use the form on the website to register.

A: Yes, many universities and colleges offer full and partial scholarships to the international students. After evaluating your profile, our expert team can suggest you some scholarships to apply for.

A: Yes, you can study medicine abroad. We can suggest you some courses and best colleges in different parts of the world.

A: You apply for study abroad scholarships to help you with the costs and also apply for bank loans.

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