Finland - Blue Sky Education Study Abroad

About Finland:

Finland is a Nordic country known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes” because it has thousands of blue lakes. Helsinki is the Finnish capital and also its largest city. Finland is famous for being the world’s happiest country. The two official languages spoken here are Finnish and Swedish. Finland is also the home of the mesmerizing Northern Lights and Santa Claus.

Why Study in Finland:

  • Finland has one of the best education systems in the world. The Finnish universities are among the top 3% in the world.
  • The tuition fees at Finnish universities are reasonable compared to those of other countries. Many universities also award merit scholarships to students.
  • Freedom and equality are the two pillars of the Finnish education system. Students graduate with a diverse range of skills and knowledge.
  • Students enjoy a high standard of living with an excellent healthcare system, reasonable living costs, including food and transportation.
  • Finnish universities advise and guide students when searching for full-time or part-time positions.
  • Finland is a sparsely populated country with a diverse international community.
  • Finland is a relatively safe country with low crime rates.