Poland - Blue Sky Education Study Abroad

About Poland:

Poland, a country located in Central Europe, is a land of natural beauty with great forests, rivers, beaches, lakes, and mountains. The Polish capital Warsaw is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that stands on the Vistula River. It is a country of beautiful towns and impressive castles. The official language is Polish, although English is also widely used in Poland. A famous tourist attraction is the UNESCO-listed Wieliczka salt mine near the medieval city of Krakow.

Why Study in Poland:

  • Most international students agree that the universities and colleges of Poland offer some of the best higher education available in Europe.
  • A Polish Diploma can help open the doors to some of the best companies in Europe. Besides, the US recognizes the education offered by Polish medical schools.
  • There are many Polish colleges and universities which offer arts, humanities, and polytechnics. Most of these academic institutes have well-equipped laboratories and super-computers.
  • Students on a tight budget will find Poland suitable because the tuition fees are cheaper than in other European countries. The rates for dormitories and cafeteria meals are also relatively inexpensive. Warsaw is one of the most affordable European cities for students.
  • English is the medium of instruction in many Polish academic institutes.
  • The Polish are famous for their hospitality and always welcome international students.