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Blue Sky Education is a well known name in the realm of overseas education and best study abroad consultancy in Kolkata, providing assistance through Counselling and Career Guidance to students wishing to study abroad in Colleges/Universities for higher education. Our professional counsellors love to interact with students & their parents to understand their interest and requirements before suggesting suitable Courses, Universities/Colleges and best study abroad options which would help the students achieve their academic & career dreams. Our highly experienced Counsellors provide students with information on a range of Diploma and Degree programs, Undergraduate and Postgraduate including subject specialisations available in foreign universities across the globe. They can also provide information on available Pathway Programs to students who miss out on entry to their preferred degree programs by a whisker of a few marks! And what’s more, they are always up-to-date with information on available scholarships in various programs and several universities when you are deciding on your best study abroad options. Their experience in assisting students over the years have also given them valuable insight on the right campus for you to choose to best meet your needs – be it for availing part time work or for financial reasons. No matter what your query is – our counsellors have you covered. Infact, our Counsellors are also happy to speak to your parents regarding fund declaration to the relevant Embassies/High Commissions, availing Educational Loan, Income Tax Returns, Affidavits of Support, Foreign Exchange, etc.

Drop in to our Office or give us a call today – and let our Counsellors help you get started on your journey to achieve your study abroad dreams!


A Statement of Purpose (SOP) in an important ingredient of either a College/University application OR a Visa Application for most of the countries. In the case of a working professionals, additionally a Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume is also required. Our Counsellors advice students with appropriate tips and strategies on writing a customized SOP and CV as these documents provide the first impression of the student to the Universities/Colleges they wish to study abroad. Our professionals ask students to prepare their own SOPs and email them to us so that they can be evaluated, checked and edited for any mistakes if any, before they are finally submitted to the College/University overseas OR Embassy/High Commission.

The following guidelines are provided to our students before writing a SOP :


  • Brief introduction of personal circumstances in India, family members, family background and occupation of parents (if living at home) or spouse (if married) and indication of how the studies abroad will be financed.


  • Previous visa history (if any) including visa cancellations or refusals. Any travel or study in another country should also be mentioned. If the student has a positive immigration history in another country, this adds weight to their application.


  • Why the student wants to study the proposed program at the particular College/University and how it is relevant to their future career goals and why it is beneficial for them to study this program in that particular country if the same program is offered in India. Clear indication that the student has a good knowledge of both the College/University and the respective Country. (Simply saying that a particular College/University is one of the best in that particular country is not sufficient – they need to show that they have researched the program).


We represent and work closely with some of the best academic institutions around the world including Universities and Colleges in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore and many more countries. The Application process starts exactly 1 year prior to the program starts and once the Program/Course and the College/University is decided by the student, the next immediate step is to apply for admission and getting the Offer Letter. We help the student shortlist the best possible College/University depending on the students’ merit, suitability of course, and finances, helping him/her, make a well presented application and customize the SOPs/CVs/Portfolios accordingly. The representatives of these globally renowned colleges/universities often visit our offices in Kolkata and meet our students directly, clarifying their queries and sometimes even offering on the spot admission to the students as and when applicable.


For every parent, one of the most important priorities include securing their children’s successful future by providing them access to quality education. However, in recent years, the cost of higher education in India and abroad has become exorbitant and more and more parents are finding it difficult to self-finance their children’s education. Increasingly, the demand for educational loans have sky rocketed for higher education studies in prestigious Universities and Colleges both in India and abroad. At present, almost every Indian bank offers education loans in India to students interested in pursuing a wide range of graduate, post graduate, professional courses/degrees in Universities and Colleges abroad. These loans cover a range of expenses including the direct expenses such as tuition fees along with allied expenses for uniforms, lab equipment/tools required for the course, travelling expenses and laptop etc. We assist in introducing our students and their parents to the representatives of Banks and Financial Institutions like the State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Avanse, so that they can avail Educational Loans that best suit their needs.


We are all aware of how obtaining a student visa can be a complex and arduous process considering there are multiple rules and regulations that vary from country to country. However, we at Blue Sky Education would like to assure you that our experts provide the most accurate, detailed information and complete assistance prior to the students submitting their visa application at the respective High Commissions and Embassies.

Our team of experienced study abroad Visa Consultants have knowledge across all countries and are able to guide you through the complex maze of preparing and submitting your visa application. Team Blue Sky will ensure that you receive an all encompassing checklist to help you prepare for the entire Visa process like filling up applications, preparing financial statements and also provide you with guidance and training for mock interviews, SOPs and much more. Before you submit your application at the High Commission or Embassy, rest assured our team will meticulously check for errors and omissions for the best outcome.

We at Blue Sky Education proudly claim to simplify the rigorous and time-consuming process of sifting through innumerable career opportunities at numerous universities the world over, and provide you in-depth, step-by-step counselling to make this seemingly protracted search a cake-walk. So that you can stop worrying, and simply start preparing! Blue Sky Education and it’s committed team members have indeed got you and your study abroad career dreams covered!


Accommodation abroad for international students can be broadly classified under two categories – On Campus & Off Campus. On Campus is comparatively expensive than the other option and generally is without the meal plan. Therefore, the most preferred option for international students is the Off-Campus accommodation option. Off campus accommodation can again be broadly classified as Homestay accommodation, Peer accommodation and Share accommodation. Students can also go flatting if they want to opt so. Choosing the right accommodation will help you transition smoothly to university life, get into your studies and start building lifelong memories and friendships. At Blue Sky Education, we understand the importance of accommodation to your safety and well-being and to your integration into the overseas community. We therefore, ensure that your accommodation options are finalised and booked even before you fly in to your destination. Off Campus Accommodation can range between 25,000 to 60,000 INR a month.