Importance Of Study Abroad Consultancy

How Students Benefit From A Study Abroad Consultancy

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Abroad education is a big thing for aspiring students. If you decide to pursue higher education at your dream destination, then education counselling will be an essential part of your journey. An overseas education consultancy provides the proper counselling and assistance to students. The counsellors recommend what is the right fit for them while charting their education and career path. Studying abroad requires a lot of preparation. A study abroad consultancy helps you choose your desired subjecṭ and university and then, ultimately guides you towards a successful career plan.

What is a Study Abroad Consultancy? 

A study abroad education consultancy will provide you with expert guidance on the preparations for higher education abroad. An overseas education consultant advises you on the subjects that you would choose and the university you target. An education counsellor makes sure to factor in your plans and dreams for the future. Based on the information you provide, a counsellor lists down the top subject options and the right course for you. They also aid in picking the finest universities that offer the best education and training in that field. 

Career counselling is a task which requires tons of experience and a robust proven track record in the industry. A student’s future depends on the guidance an education counsellor provides them with. Blue Sky Education is a leading study abroad consultancy that provides services to students who wish to go abroad for higher studies. At Blue Sky, the expert education counsellors guide you towards the correct career choice and help you at every step of your journey. With Blue Sky education consultants, you can expect to get genuine and reliable services to help you choose the right fit for you. 

Importance of Study Abroad Consultancy 

Why must one refer to a study abroad consultant? What are the points that an overseas education consultancy can help you with? Listed below are some of the key factors you should consider while opting for one.

Profile Analysis 

Many students struggle with their subject choices and career options post higher secondary results. An education counsellor evaluates your background meticulously. Based on the profile analysis, which includes your academic history, interests, financial status and plans for the future, an education counsellor recommends some of the top courses and university choices for you. 

Additionally, if you have a course on your mind, an education counsellor clears all the doubts and questions that you will face. 

Education and Career Counselling 

Study abroad consultancies often offer free counselling sessions to students. In these sessions, a counsellor hears all that you have in your mind regarding your future career goals. Accordingly, an education counsellor advises you on how to choose from a range of subjects based on your preferences.

So when does the true importance of counselling come into effect? An education counsellor will not only offer you choices to choose from but will also lay down the facts, the perks and the prospects of choosing a particular course. They will also find the best universities abroad for you to choose from. With a good study abroad consultancy, you get all the information that you need for plans of studying abroad. 

Assistance with Admission Process  

From a premier overseas education consultancy, you get all the support and assistance you need with the application and admission procedures. The expert team of education counsellors have adept knowledge of all the criteria and official requirements for a particular university. 

Foreign universities attribute significant weightage to your application and the quality of your SOP. The counsellor helps you with your application and SOP which optimises your chance of acceptance. Besides, a leading study abroad consultancy takes care of all the needs and requirements right from the beginning of the application till the time you reach your destination. The super-friendly and genial counsellors at a ranking education consultancy also make sure to check on you even after you leave their office.

IELTS Preparation 

Your IELTS score is a gateway to your admission to universities in English-speaking countries. Preparation and coaching for IELTS are provided by premium study abroad consultancies. Your IELTS coach is the one to help you crack the examination. Their experience is all you should bank upon while selecting your study abroad consultancy.  


Scholarships hold immense importance for students who wish to study abroad. An overseas education consultancy helps with scholarship applications and guides you through the entire process for you to successfully land one.  

The Bottom Line 

Professionalism and experience are the winners when it comes to choosing a premier overseas education consultancy. With the right support and the correct direction, you will not only land in the best institute but hop on the successful career path to flower really big in your life.

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A: It includes services like course selection, college/university selection, application, visa application, bank loans, SOP editing and accommodation.

A: With a whopping 4.9/5 rating in Google and 300+ university tie ups along with an array of services including IELTS/SAT/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL coaching by experienced professionals, it is indeed one of the best study abroad consultants in Kolkata.

A: Yes, they help you to take the first steps and provide informed guidance about abroad education.

A: Some questions to ask an overseas education consultant near me are:

  • What countries are best for foreign students?
  • What are the best courses according to my academic profile?
  • How can I apply to a certain college?
  • What are the costs of abroad education to a specific country?
  • How can I get a student visa?
  • How to choose a country according to my interests?

A: The consultation process is free in Bluesky Education (Charges applicable only for premium colleges like the Russell Group Colleges or Ivy League Colleges). You can book a free counselling session with our expert counsellors. Call on +91 3335445028 / +91 18008910993 or use the form on the website to register.

A: Yes, many universities and colleges offer full and partial scholarships to the international students. After evaluating your profile, our expert team can suggest you some scholarships to apply for.

A: Yes, you can study medicine abroad. We can suggest you some courses and best colleges in different parts of the world.

A: You apply for study abroad scholarships to help you with the costs and also apply for bank loans.

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