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Reasons Why International Students Choose Switzerland

Switzerland has seen immense growth and development, both economically and socially, over the years. The country has a reputation for housing universities and research centres with an excellent track record. The comely nature with numerous lakes and villages, the high peaks of the Alps and the evergreen vegetation, makes Switzerland a more likeable destination for international students. Furthermore, the country’s cultural resonance adds amazement to a student’s international experience. The country’s famous art museums and collections, theatres and live music venues attract young minds from all across the world. 


In this article today, we will highlight the top reasons why international students choose Switzerland as their study destination. 

Quality Education

Switzerland Universities have a reputation for equipping their students with world-class research-oriented quality education. Besides the unique, career-centric and diverse course options to choose from, Swiss Universities are acknowledged for their excellent education system which focuses on active and experiential learning.  


Apart from that, affordability is a key factor that attracts a good proportion of international students. 

International students travelling to Switzerland need to pay a one-time package which includes both their living costs and tuition fees. This confers a big benefit to students as they can avail education loan for the entire package, unlike in other countries where the loan gets sanctioned only for the tuition fees.

Welcome New Opportunities, Build a Strong Career

Switzerland leads in the field of tourism and hospitality management. Thousands of young international aspirants move to Switzerland to pursue hospitality and hotel management career choices. Business and Hotel Management School of (BHMS) has been placed among the top global universities that provide the best training in this field. At BHMS, your placement at top-notch organizations is guaranteed. BHMS is known for hosting global career fairs and career days where university graduates directly get the opportunity to interact with employers and get recruited for internships and job opportunities on campus. 


Around 25% of Swiss Employees are foreign nationals, and most of them are international students who stayed back in Switzerland following graduation. So what makes students choose this country?


Employees working in Switzerland get paid considerably well complying with their high standard of living. With an average annual wage of 68,400 USD, Switzerland ranks second globally for being an economically stable country. The country showcases a very low unemployment rate. Swiss workers are highly educated and skilled professionals. The country offers high wages to its employees. As an international student, you can rest assured as Switzerland gifts you with new and growing opportunities to look forward to. 


Standard of Living 

Switzerland residents follow a high standard of living. According to a survey carried out by Social Progress Imperative, Switzerland has scored a total of 88.87 out of 100 in three basic indexes which determine the standard of living. These three indexes are- Basic human needs, the foundation of well-being and opportunity. In Switzerland, the employability rate is high and so is a worker’s annual salary. This contributes to their quality standard of life. As an international student, you would surely enjoy your time there!

Safety and Security 

According to Global Peace Index, Switzerland is the 10th most safe country in the world. All thanks to the strict gun laws and the low crime rates. So, as a parent, you need not worry about your child’s safety and security here. As a student, you don’t have to fret about returning home late after having a fun night with friends. 

Polish Your Language Skills

Switzerland is a multilingual country. The five languages spoken in this country are English, Romansch, German, French and Italian. All these languages are given equal importance as the official tongue by the Swiss Confederation. 

In Switzerland, you get the chance to enhance your language skills. Knowledge in more than one language opens your door to more lucrative opportunities globally. 


Diversity and Culture 

Switzerland is home to more than two million people from different cultures and nationalities. The country is rich in diversity, and this is pretty evident in the number of languages spoken by its residents. In Switzerland, you never feel alone as an international student as you get to mix with people from a diverse range of cultures. 


Furthermore, need we speak about how culturally enriched Switzerland is? With more than 600 art museums, Switzerland has reached its peak in engaging tourists, and international students with the country’s cultural aestheticism.


Switzerland is an excellent option if you are looking forward to making your life worth enjoying. The country’s mesmerizing landscapes and other attractions add vividness and joy to a student’s experience. As a young aspirant, you travel far from home with the hope of a beautiful future, and Switzerland is just the place that makes your dreams come to life. So, would you want to miss an opportunity to study here? Let your wishes turn into reality!

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