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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain, is a country lying off the north-western coast of the European mainland and includes the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern part of the island of Ireland. The UK’s capital and largest city is London, a global city and financial centre. Other major urban areas in the UK include Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Liverpool. The UK consists of four countries—England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland their capitals being Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, respectively. The UK is a developed country and has the world’s fifth-largest economy. It has a high-income economy and has a “very high” Human Development Index, ranking 16th in the world. It was the first industrialised country and remains a great power with considerable economic, cultural, military, scientific and political influence internationally.


  • The best in the World – The UK institutions consistently rank among the best in the world and qualifications are internationally valued and recognised. Degrees and qualifications from UK higher education institutions are known around the world as high quality and world class. In the Times Higher Education World Rankings 2018, UK universities have: 3 in the top 10 & 7 in the top 50. When looking for work in the future, this can be a great selling point in your favour!
  • Research opportunities – The UK undertakes 5 per cent of the world’s scientific research and produces 14 per cent of the world’s most frequently cited papers. You will also have access to the latest facilities due to the UK’s reputation for world-class research. The UK leads the world in quality research having overtaken the US to rank first by field-weighted citation impact – an indicator of research quality International Comparative Performance of the UK Research Base, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.


  • UK institutions offer flexibility of choice and enable you to blend academic and vocational courses of your choice. One of the best things about UK higher education is the chance to really pursue your interests. There are a wide range of courses on offer, from the traditional to the cutting-edge, from Computer Games Development to Entrepreneurship.


  • UK degrees can be tailored to your interests and often include specialised modules. The teaching and study methodology used in the UK give you the freedom to be creative and develop skill sets and confidence. As a student you get the opportunity to be taught by the world’s leading academics and experts; you also benefit from their constant academic support.


  • The UK is the home of ENGLISH – the most spoken language in the world – which makes is an ideal place to develop your language skills and enhance employment prospects.


  • The Cost of Education for an international student in the UK can be generally lower compared to the USA and other countries. Programs in the USA can be $25,000 or more a year in tuition alone. Tuition for the majority of UK higher education institutions generally cost £10,000 to £24,000 a year, which is approximately $13,000 to $31,000 a year – considerably less! Although four-year programs are increasing in popularity, most degree programs in the UK are three years, and a masters program is typically one year. So your degree will generally take less time to complete in the UK than in other countries, which will save you money.


  • Work Opportunities – An international student in the UK is typically allowed to work up to 20 hours a Week during school term, and up to full-time when school is out of term. Of course, you should always check with your international advisor at your school before starting any work – you do not want to be in violation of your visa, and rules change frequently. Also, it is not always easy to find a job, so relying on work income to fund your education is not a good idea. Unless you have employment set up through your school before you arrive, you should plan to fund the entire first year of your studies without any employment income.


  • Financing an international education is always difficult. The best approach includes lots of preparation, careful analysis of your budget, and hard work in researching and applying for scholarships. There are hundreds of scholarships, bursaries and grant schemes on offer for students who wish to study in the UK.


  • UK as a Gateway to Europe – With the addition of the Channel Tunnel and low cost airlines such as EasyJet and Ryan Air, Europe is easier to access than ever. You can reach most areas of Europe from the UK within a few hours by train or direct flight. For example, if you are studying in London or Manchester and you want a weekend away in Italy, you can fly Ryan Air direct to Rome, Milan, Pisa, Genoa, Venice or several other cities in Italy.


  • Multicultural Nation – The UK is known for its multicultural society, with all religions and faiths represented in some way. With a racial, ethnic and religious jumble, the UK is very open to new traditions and cultures – something that students from other countries can look forward to!