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High-Demand Programs Offered By The University Of Waterloo

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is recognized as the most innovative university in Canada. The University has a reputation for nurturing its students with exclusive ideas and a creative mindset. Students graduating from the University have found their unique ways of challenging the norm and coming up with something novel for the society.

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The University of Waterloo has set the bar for co-op programs in Canada. Waterloo co-op programs are the best in Canada as they give students the required exposure to the country’s work culture. As a student of any co-op program at Waterloo, you alternate between four months as a full-time employee and four months as an undergraduate in school. A co-op program equips you with the necessary skill set and knowledge to work in a reputable organisation in the coming future. 

Today in this article, we will highlight some of the high-demand undergrad co-op programs offered by the University of Waterloo. 

Accounting and Financial Management 

Degree: Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management (BAFM)

With this co-op program, you gain expertise in finance, accountancy and business. This program has been designed in a way that you can intersect the three cores and learn to develop a relationship between them. Besides the technical knowledge, this program also positively develops your problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills. 

Additionally, the co-op program gives you an upper hand in the industry by training you to expertly utilise your knowledge in the practical field and understand Canada’s work culture. 

Career Possibilities 

  • Chartered Professional Accountant 
  • Chartered Financial Analyst 
  • Auditor
  • Investment Banker

Recent BAFM graduates from Waterloo have pursued their dream careers in eminent organizations including KPMG, Royal Bank Financial Group, Sunlife Financial, etc.  

Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accountancy

Degree- Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accountancy

Science, Accountancy and Management. Can you think of a more advanced and unique course combination than this? This co-op program equips you with the “start-up mindset” and the necessary skill set to excel in the growing biotech sector. In addition to the key subjects in the program- biochemistry, genetics and microbiology, you also take financial management, auditing and accounting as part of your program.

The co-op program effectively trains you to utilize your practical skills in a way that helps you develop new marketable skills. 

Career Possibilities 

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology 
  • Research and development monitoring and assessment
  • Finance Coordinator
  • Supply Chain Analyst 

Computing and Financial Management 

Degree: Bachelor of Computing and Financial Management (BCFM)

Besides extensive modules on machine learning, web development, networks and database, this co-op program also comprises areas of study such as financial management, banking, risk management and investments. 

With this co-op program, you gain expertise in two important fields- Computer Science and Financial Management. This program gives you an unmatched opportunity to land a lucrative career in technology-dependent organisations with a determined mindset of an entrepreneur. 

Career Possibilities 

  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Investment Banking Analyst 

Recent BCFM graduates from Waterloo have pursued their dream careers in eminent organizations including Microsoft, Apple, CIBC, WSP, etc. 

Systems Design Engineering 

Degree: Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering

As a part of this co-op program, you will master many interdisciplinary skills and learn how to design, manage and analyze the complex system of functions and networks. This program teaches you the fundamentals and the materials, tools and software involved in any engineering problems.

With a degree in Systems Design Engineering, you become part of a ground-breaking and innovative team of geniuses who can solve any engineering problems, ranging from complex energy systems and cyber-physical security to health care management. 

Career Possibilities 

  • User Experience Designer
  • Project Design Engineer 
  • Complex Systems Analyst
  • Product Manager

Recent graduates from Waterloo have pursued their dreareers in eminent organizations including Microsoft, Apple, CIBC, WSP, etc. 


Degree: Bachelor of Environmental Studies

This co-op program gives you the right knowledge and skills to plan and designing strategies to manage the development of sustainable cities, construct efficient transportation system, and taking measures to protect the natural habitat. 

As a part of this co-op program, you get a period of 20 months to gain a paid-work experience. A practical knowledge in this field acts as a big benefit as you learn about the career areas that would best suit you. Additionally, with this co-op program, you get in touch with a network of potential employers. 

Career Possibilities 

  • Development Planner 
  • Transportation Planner 
  • Community Planner 
  • Landscape Designer 

Recent graduates from Waterloo have pursued their dream careers in eminent organizations including Town of Whitby, Metrolinx, WSP, Aird & Berlis, etc. 

In conclusion, students graduating with the various undergraduate co-op programs offered by the University of Waterloo have found their path to success and landed a lucrative career. At the University of Waterloo, you get access to premium education and a rich international student culture. With Waterloo, live your dreams!

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