10 Reasons to Study at Queen’s University Belfast

10 Reasons to Study at Queen’s University Belfast

study abroad at queens university belfast

Study at Queen’s University Belfast from Kolkata

Are you considering studying abroad? Queen’s University Belfast can top your list! With its exceptional academic reputation, vibrant campus life, and welcoming atmosphere, Queen’s University Belfast offers an outstanding experience for international students. Explore 10 reasons to study at Queen’s University Belfast is a remarkable opportunity for students from Kolkata, India, and beyond.

1. Academic Excellence

Queen’s University Belfast is renowned for its academic excellence and ranks among the top universities in the world.   As an international student, you’ll have access to world-class faculty and research facilities. You’ll be taught by leading experts in your chosen field. Studying at Queen’s will provide you with a high-quality education that will enhance your future career prospects.

2. Diverse Range of Undergraduate Courses

Whether you’re interested in business, engineering, arts, or sciences, Queen’s University Belfast offers a wide range of programs to suit your academic interests and career aspirations. With over 300 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, you’ll have the opportunity to pursue your passion and gain a globally recognized degree.

3. Welcoming and Supportive Environment

Queen’s University Belfast is known for its warm and welcoming environment for international students. The university offers dedicated support services, including orientation programs, academic advisors, and multicultural societies, ensuring that you have a smooth transition and feel at home throughout your time at Queen’s.

4. Scholarships and Financial Aid

Queen’s University Belfast understands the financial challenges that international students may face. The university offers a range of scholarships and financial aid options specifically designed for international students, including those from Kolkata, India. These opportunities can help alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with studying abroad.

According to the university’s official website, international students can enjoy scholarships which will cover up to 50% of their tuition fees which is a great benefit. This could be considered as one of the main reasons to study at Queen’s University Belfast.

5. Culturally Diversified

Studying at Queen’s University Belfast will expose you to a diverse community of students from all around the world. Interacting with individuals from different cultural backgrounds will broaden your horizons, enhance your global perspective, and foster intercultural understanding. You’ll have the chance to celebrate cultural festivals, share traditions, and make lifelong connections.

6. Internship and Career Opportunities

Queen’s University Belfast has strong ties with industry and offers excellent internship and career opportunities for its students. The university provides guidance and support to help your secure internships, work placements, and part-time jobs during your studies, enhancing your employability and preparing you for your future career.

7. Rich History and Culture

giant's causeway
Giant’s Causeway, Belfast

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is steeped in rich history and culture. As a student at Queen’s, you’ll have the opportunity to explore this vibrant city and its captivating landmarks, such as the Titanic Belfast museum and the stunning Giant’s Causeway. Immerse yourself in the local heritage and experience the warm hospitality of the Northern Irish people.

8. Research Opportunities

Queen’s University Belfast is a leading research-intensive institution, offering numerous research opportunities for students. Engaging in research projects will allow you to work alongside world-class academics, contribute to cutting-edge discoveries, and develop valuable research skills that will benefit you throughout your academic and professional journey.

9. Gateway to Europe

Studying at Queen’s University Belfast provides an excellent opportunity to explore Europe. Belfast’s central location makes it an ideal base for traveling to other European cities. Take advantage of affordable flights and explore famous landmarks, cultural sites, and diverse landscapes across the continent during your study breaks or holidays.

10. Vibrant Campus Life

Studying abroad at Queen’s University Belfast offers an enriching campus life experience. The university boasts a vibrant and inclusive student community with numerous clubs, societies, and sports teams to join. Engaging in extracurricular activities will help you make lifelong friendships, develop valuable skills, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Northern Ireland.

Now that you have an idea about the reasons to study at Queen’s University Belfast as an international student, you can start planning from any part of the world including those from Kolkata, India. With its academic excellence, diverse programs, vibrant campus life, and supportive environment, Queen’s provides an exceptional education and unforgettable experience.

Start your adventure today and open doors to a world of opportunities!


Frequently Asked Questions About Queen’s University Belfast


1. Are there scholarships available for international students from Kolkata, India?

Yes, Queen’s University Belfast offers scholarships and financial aid options specifically designed for international students. The university offers up to 50% off on the tuition fees of international students who are enrolling for the first time.

2. Will there be any support for international students at Queen’s University Belfast?

Absolutely! Queen’s University Belfast provides dedicated support services for international students. From orientation programs to academic advisors, the university ensures that you have the assistance you need throughout your time at Queen’s. Additionally, there are multicultural societies and student support teams that offer guidance on various aspects of student life, including academic, personal, and cultural matters.

Contact us today to get started with your onboarding if you dream to study at the University of Belfast!

3. Can I work while studying at Queen’s University Belfast?

Yes, as an international student, you are generally allowed to work part-time during your studies at Queen’s University Belfast. However, this is limited to a maximum of 15 hours a week.

4. What is the cost of living in Belfast?

Belfast is known for its affordability compared to other major UK cities. The cost of living will depend on your lifestyle and accommodation choices. Students are advised to come up with a budget for accommodation, food, transportation, and other personal expenses.

5. Can I explore other European countries while studying at Queen’s University Belfast?

Belfast’s central location makes it an excellent base for exploring other European countries. Thus, you can always take tours from there. The city has good transportation connections, including affordable flights to various European destinations. You can plan trips during study breaks or holidays to experience the diverse cultures and attractions across Europe.


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