Top 8 Study Abroad Myths Decoded

Top 8 Myths of Studying Abroad

When it comes to study abroad, you are likely to receive inaccurate information from those around you. The misinformation students receive makes it difficult for them to make informed decisions that have a lasting impact on their lives.

So, it is always advised to procure information only from an official or authentic source. In this blog, we will discuss 8 rumours you will frequently hear regarding study abroad education. 


Myth #1: Studying abroad is too expensive

Typically, overseas education costs more than education in India. However, the price will change depending on the university, the location, and the length of the program.

Studying abroad comes with a bunch of good options too. Colleges and universities give students extra hours of part-time work on and off campus, assisting with research or teaching, or performing other duties to boost their income.

On the flip side, it’s simply HUGE if you look at the Return on Investment (ROI).


Myth #2: Employers Do Not Give Importance to Study Abroad.

Potential employers do look for resources with; 

  • International exposure
  • Social skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Self-reliance
  • Risk-taking ability
  • Understanding cross-cultural dynamics
  • Flexibility and adaptability

According to the QS Global employer survey, which surveyed 10,000 hiring managers and CEOs across 116 nations, 60% of respondents do “value an international study experience.”


Myth #3: Making friends while studying abroad will be too hard

Well, it’s true that walking up to a stranger and introducing yourself is a tough nut to crack. But, just remember your first day at school or college. The same concept applies here as well. We, humans, are social beings. Interacting with students you study or stay with regularly will help you adapt to the new environment and gradually make friends. 


Myth #4: I need to learn the language while studying abroad

English is a global language. You can always research the culture, and the language of the country you are planning to go to for higher studies. Also, you can consider learning a new language as a hobby. 


Myth #5: The risk of studying abroad is high

Overseas colleges understand that they must give their students a secure environment and have a strict no-tolerance attitude when it comes to bullying of foreign students.

Most universities have procedures in place to assist international students in adjusting to their new environment and feeling safe. These procedures may include assisting you in finding housing, giving you recommendations for the safest modes of public transportation, or connecting you with other students so you have friends with whom to explore the city.


Myth #6: I have specific housing needs.

You can choose from several living options at your preferred study-abroad destination. 

You can choose to stay in the dorms and apartments with other students studying abroad just like you or with the local students. You can also look for a homestay option – living with a local family. 


Myth #7: Indian Students Get Neglected

You shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Always be curious. Try to question and dig deeper.  

Professors at colleges and universities abroad behave more like mentors than traditional lecturers. Foreign universities stand on the philosophy of unrestricted learning and fostering a supportive learning environment

They contend that children should never feel intimidated for learning to be effective.  You’ll be astonished by how kindly and impulsively local students abroad greet you and offer to help.


Myth #8: But what about everything I’ll miss out on back home?

You can only experience fresh cultural viewpoints while travelling; staying at home is not an option. You’ll develop into a more well-rounded person and have better job prospects if you experience new things. 


What Next?

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