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When it comes to studying abroad, you are likely to receive inaccurate information from those around you. The misinformation students receive makes it difficult for them to make informed decisions that have a lasting impact on their lives. So, it is always advised to procure information only from an official or authentic source. In this… Continue reading Top 8 Myths of Studying Abroad

Education is one of life’s most significant investments. With a UK degree, students will secure a rewarding, confident, and exciting future. The UK is one of the world’s leading destinations for international students followed by the USA. The UK education system is shorter and more intense than many other countries so you will graduate sooner… Continue reading Top Reasons Why Should You Study in the UK

It’s not just about travel when it comes to Canada. It is a great study destination for many Indian students who are looking forward to studying abroad because of the exceptional standard of the higher education system in Canada which is recognized globally. Planning to go to Canada for your higher education? Then you should… Continue reading Top reasons to choose Winnipeg, Canada as your Study Destination

Switzerland has seen immense growth and development, both economically and socially, over the years. The country has a reputation for housing universities and research centres with an excellent track record. The comely nature with numerous lakes and villages, the high peaks of the Alps and the evergreen vegetation, makes Switzerland a more likeable destination for… Continue reading Reasons Why International Students Choose Switzerland

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is recognized as the most innovative university in Canada. The University has a reputation for nurturing its students with exclusive ideas and a creative mindset. Students graduating from the University have found their unique ways of challenging the norm and coming up with something novel for the society. We have a… Continue reading High-Demand Programs Offered By The University Of Waterloo

University of Waterloo

Over the years, the University of Waterloo has emerged as one of the most popular and reputable study destinations in Ontario, Canada. What makes Waterloo so special? The University has an excellent track record of providing world-class, research-oriented education to its students. Furthermore, the university campus, the posh infrastructure and amenities, all provide the international… Continue reading Reasons Why Waterloo Is A Leading Study Abroad University

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Abroad education is a big thing for aspiring students. If you decide to pursue higher education at your dream destination, then education counselling will be an essential part of your journey. An overseas education consultancy provides the proper counselling and assistance to students. The counsellors recommend what is the right fit for them while charting… Continue reading How Students Benefit From A Study Abroad Consultancy

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Over the past few decades, students have begun to view overseas education as an excellent option for career prospects. According to statistics provided by the Bureau of Immigration, over 1.3 lakh Indians went abroad to pursue higher education as of March 2022, this year.  Studying abroad does not only gift you with exciting new experiences, but… Continue reading How Will Studying Abroad Help You Flourish

Seeing that you have already found us, we hope that you are here with an idea about what IELTS could possibly be. Let us help you with the details. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. This testing system screens your knowledge of the English language so that you can migrate, study or work… Continue reading IELTS- Everything That You Need to Know

A common problem faced by most students is that when it comes to choosing the appropriate academic institution for pursuing their higher studies abroad they get confused by the wide array of choices in front of them. Which country? Which Course? Which University? are some of the questions which pop up in their minds. Another… Continue reading How to Choose Your Dream Destination when it comes to Studying Abroad

When a student has the zeal, commitment and dedication to go all the way abroad in order to get a global education there are certain vital factors that he/she has to bear in mind. In this article we shall try to provide some valuable insights into these areas.Your desired destination and the scope of your… Continue reading Valuable Tips for a Student Planning to Study Abroad

For almost everyone around the world, last year was a year of disruptions. The impact of the ‘year of the virus – 2020’ was indeed unprecedented and substantial. More so for students with dreams in their pockets of studying across borders and/or in globally acclaimed universities. The restrictions in mobility caused by Covid-19 continues to… Continue reading Studying Abroad during a Pandemic